Pass.Port is a scripted tool that comes to the rescue when you need to import a bunch of AOVs (renderpasses) into Adobe After Effects in just a few clicks, it also saves your time on compositing.
Pass.Port is free and downloadable from its GitHub page
Pass.Port is clever and tries to do as much job as it (currently) can for you. This includes:
- Parsing your files for the base name
- Importing all the footage at a specified frame rate
- Identifying the AOVs type and light groups
- Building your final Beauty in a new comp, or a few comps for each light pass
Pass.Port is Beta 4 now and currently has some limitations:
- Doesn't support multilayered EXRs
- Not sorting your passes in the right order by the book yet, but it's coming very soon
- No proper raw+filter AOVs processing for now
- For now is based on the Redshift for C4D AOVs naming scheme only, but still might work for other cases
- Currently tested on Windows only
- Definitely has bugs :)
- Lifting the limitations listed above
- More templates for other render engines
- Automatic processing of Cryptomattes, Puzzlemattes, and other utility AOVs
- ACES workflow
Please refer to the full docs at GitHub
Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated at GitHub issues page or in my Discord. You can also support the development at Pass.Port Gumroad page.
Thank you
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